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Project Objective

The aim of this project is to assure the conditions for creating an excellence pole in systems ecology and biology through a complex, transdisciplinary approach of biological and ecological systems, according to the European and global tendencies.

This aim totally reflects the strategic options of University of Bucharest academic community, which aim to realize a referenced national and European centre, in order to ensure the integrated, multi- and transdisciplinary research of life forms’ complexity, diversity and variability, in the context of their complex interactions with the environment. In this way, there are assured the conditions to couple, continue and develop the integration process of research programs into international scientific network, especially the access to the funding resources of European Union framework programs.


The project’s aim will be achieved only through the fulfilment of the following specific objectives:

  • Completion, consolidation and development the configuration of an infrastructure for research-development-innovation (RDI), by designing a unique, integrated platform for research, especially due to its very expensive components and its operation at maximum capacity by economic efficiency principle;
  • Development of the conceptual and operational framework to perform studies and integrate the transdisciplinary knowledge required by the new sustainable developing strategies and policies;
  • Building the framework for highly specialized and competitive human resources development, accordingly to European standards and for attraction of young researchers and highly qualified specialists;
  • Creation of necessary conditions for applicative research development and enhancement of technological transfer and innovation, in compliance with the European requests of a dynamic society based on knowledge;
  • Development of the national long term ecological research network which will use the most performing investigation techniques of ecological/biological systems and its integration into similar European and global structures.

Building up the Research Platform in Biology and Systems Ecology will allow a modern, integrated and transdisciplinary research of life phenomena and forms’ complexity, their diversity, variability and relationships, as well as of the complexity and hierarchical organization of nature and human society, which represent a high priority at international level.


By developing the infrastructure, similar research conditions to those existing at international level will be achieved, and laboratories will be equipped with very performing instruments, which will increase the research capacity. The research platform will be structured in such a manner in order to assure the approach and development of new top European systems ecology and biology domains. In the design of this RDI infrastructure, a special attention will be accorded to the increase of the interdepartmental integration degree, aiming the enhancement of competitiveness and, through this, of the research platform’s integration into European education and research areas.


The creation of this infrastructure with modern equipments will increase the efficiency of RD activities in the University of Bucharest and will have a direct impact on research promotion at academic level as an interface and a connexion with research institutes, economic environment and decision makers. Thus, the premises for developing active partnerships with internal and external economic environment are created, by extending the research and the technological transfer of the scientific product to different economic sectors: economic planning, medicine, engineering, biotechnologies. This will have consequences on the competitiveness of many Romanian socio-economic sectors, in line with the national objectives established by POS-CCE priority axe 2 (biotechnology, human and animal health, evaluation of genetic resources, nanotechnologies). The knowledge expected to be obtained is crucial for development of new environmental and economic development strategies and policies.


This modern infrastructure for reserch and services will also enable the continuous training of highly specialized human resource (young MSc students, PhD students, Post-Doc), with transdisciplinary teoretical and practical knowledge, competitive at European level, and capable to develop the knowledge in a priority domain on which depend, in a very large extent, the design and the application of conservation and sustainable use of natural capital  policies, the development and consolidation of managerial capacity in research and development activity. In this way, all the conditions to attract and/or to keep involved, in Romania,  a large number of Romanian or foreign young specialists and researchers in this field are created. The existence of such a high quality education and research environment will contribute to the continuation and development of young researchers integration into the international scientific network, and to the increasing of research productivity and competitivness and decrease of the disparity from EU.

The designed infrastructure constitutes itself like a mix platform for human resources training and fundamental and applicative research which has to respond to the “post-normal science” objectives oriented towards the knowledge and management of nature and human society.

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