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Department of Biotechnology and Renewable Resources (DBRR)

DBRR – laboratory / new laboratories modules: through its organizational and functional structure the department aims to produce new and innovative bio-energy sources produced from renewable materials.

DBRR - Department of Biotechnology and Renewable Resources is structured in 4 modules of laboratories:

• Microbiology (microbial cultures, microscopy);

• microbial genetic engineering (DNA preparation, cloning, biotransformation, amplification / sequencing);

• Technological Biochemistry (preparative biochemistry, centrifugation, spectrometry IR);

• pilot biotechnology laboratory. Correlation of laboratory modules structure within DBRR with specific and strategic research directions as presented in Table 1.

The novelty consists in the research topics addressed and especially in using the latest scientific achievements in microbial genetic engineering to: i) identify biomarkers of exposure to pollutants, detection of pathogens and toxins, monitoring pollutant molecules in different media and biological samples using biosensors, biodetection by T-Hz spectroscopy; ii) obtaining Biopolymers / polymers with molecular recognition and which can carry the active principles to target;

production of biofuels / biohydrogen / bio-methane from renewable resources (waste pulp, grain and industrial crops), microbial biocombustion, treatment of sewage and electricity cogeneration, etc. The Department will be able to provide through its modern laboratory services (tests of toxicity and biocompatibility, characterization of products obtained through biotechnology) and technology transfer activities aimed at: i) microbial biotechnology to produce biofuels from renewable resources (waste pulp, grain and industrial crops ), ii) microbial bioelectrotechnologies for electricity generation - waste water treatment (microbial biofuel), iii) microbial bioelectrotechnologies for generating biohydrogen / bio-methane (microbial bioelectrolysis).

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