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Construction work carried out at the regional headquarters

The construction works carried out at regional headquarters in Braila, are to extend the building by adding a body surface of 18x5 m, height regime (P+1) and fitting existing spaces.

Regional headquarters in Braila is intended to investigate the Danube flooded meadow ecosystems, especially the complex ecosystem of wetlands in the Danube Delta and Braila islands and complex socio-ecological monitoring of long-term research areas of the Danube flooded meadow. It is located in the proximity of these areas, thereby facilitating both space and financial of their investigation. The structure proposed in this project will complete the existing building and will contribute to the raise of the research quality activities with immediate results in increased opportunities for integration in research networks at national and international level and number of natural factors and impact socio-economic environment analysis.

The building is organized on two levels and each level area is organized in modules as follows: i) areas for research - laboratories, ii) areas for administrative services. At the ground floor there will be (x) laboratory for activities of the Investigating Module / Monitoring field (screening, physico-chemical, functional explorations). Upstairs will be (x) laboratories for Biodiversity Module and for the Assessment of Environmental Impacts Module. All support components are located upstairs - database management laboratory and information systems for wetland ecosystems, informational laboratory and communication on diversity and Documentation Center (library).

Br?ila Br?ila

The construction works carried out at regional headquarter in Sinaia, consists in arranging the available space. The headquarter of Sinaia offers, due to it’s position, special advantages for the investigation of mountain and alpine ecosystems. Research directions are in accordance with those promoted in the PCBE, they are addressed to ecological complexity and include specific activities of Biological Diversity Investigation Module, the Assessment of Environmental Impacts Module; Investigation / Monitoring Module on montane and alpine  fields (sorting, physico-chemical, functional explorations); GIS Module. Fitting will consist in wall painting with washable paint, in endowement with PVC antistatic, antibacterial flooring, and in false ceilings installation. Fitting also will consist in modernization of electrical installation, water device and sewerage.

To ensure the functionality of built / fit areas, the laboratories and the working spaces will be equiped with the latest generation analysis equipment. Some equipment that are going to be purchased have outstanding performance and are unique at national level: high-resolution liquid chromatography and high speed coupled with ion trap mass spectrometer. Other equipments are only in a few locations: TOC analyzer, in the National Institute for Research and Development Marina Constanta, CHNOS elemental analyzer, at University of Cluj / Faculty of Pharmacy.

Sinaia Sinaia
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