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Project Objective

The aim of this project is to assure the conditions for creating an excellence pole in systems ecology and biology through a complex, transdisciplinary approach of biological and ecological systems, according to the European and global tendencies.

This aim totally reflects the strategic options of University of Bucharest academic community, which aim to realize a referenced national and European centre, in order to ensure the integrated, multi- and transdisciplinary research of life forms’ complexity, diversity and variability, in the context of their complex interactions with the environment. In this way, there are assured the conditions to couple, continue and develop the integration process of research programs into international scientific network, especially the access to the funding resources of European Union framework programs.


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Justification of the necessity of implementing the project

The need for designing an adequate and modern infrastructure in systems ecology and biology research fields in Romania appeared in the context of increasing of economic competitiveness and economic development based on knowledge, in general, and development of modern ecology and biology, in particular.


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Project context

The current rapid loss of biodiversity, added to climate change and human population growth, is a new global phenomenon that requires entirely new approaches and mitigation strategies together with a societal response that must deal with the full spectrum of human socio-economic activities as well as with the ecological complexity of the world. The end of the XX century and the beginning of the XXI century were characterized by major acquisitions at scientific and theoretical levels, regarding the approach, identification and characterization of nature’s complexity and social organization. Important progresses were recorded in understanding the complex phenomena and processes from nature/environment and human society, and the impact of human activities on the environment, biological and ecological diversity and human health state. But the decisions that society has to take, and the required actions need high quality scientific information, as well as a certain type of knowledge and expertise that are, in the now days, dispersed, inadequate and not accessible. One of the major challenges of the XXI century is represented by globalization, global transition to the sustainable development model, society information and the need to scientifically assist the sustainable development process through multi- and transdisciplinary knowledge and training of the human resources, capable to produce and use this knowledge.

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